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pigs & cars!

Oh, my!

Welcome to Brown's Remember When

"A toy in perfect condition is a pathetic thing.  A toy that never knew the delight of a child has lost some of the essence that gives meaning and genuine value."



All of my toys are made one at a time in my workshop in the hills of Marin County, California. I handcraft my toys from sustainable wood, use only non-toxic (lead-free, formaldehyde-free) finishes on everything I make. 


When you order from me you can be sure that your toys are not only safe for your special kiddo, but that they will stand the test of time. I don't just craft toys for your children, I make them for your children's children.


Please browse the “Toys” page and contact me to place an order:


phone 415-460-5426 



Thanks and happy, imaginative playing for ages!


Buz Brown,



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