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Our Toys

Brown’s Remember When is a company that prides itself on being good for the environment!  All toys are oiled with food grade Linseed Oil. Our toys are made in California – you know where they are made and what they are made of. 
No surprises!  Nothing plastic or toxic!  Our toys are edible!


Our toys feel good to the touch.  

They are hand sanded for a smooth finish, there are no sharp edges, and as they are played with they develop a rich patina that gets more beautiful with age.



Several different kinds of wood are used for their varying effect. 

Wood is chosen for its beautiful grain and color.  All wood used is sustainably grown, recycled or repurposed.  


Our puzzles are for beginners except the Momma Rabbit.

Collect them all and when they have been mastered, dump them in a bin together for more difficulty in solving the puzzle!


We help guard against choking hazards.

All little people are glued into their respective toys.  The corks from the banks should be removed under supervision for children under 3. 


Each and every toy is handmade, one at a time.

I craft these toys in my shop at home, where I have lived for over 60 years.  My dog Charlie is the shop foreman.  My wife Leita does the paperwork.  Thank goodness I get to do the fun work!

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