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"People love chopping wood. In this activity
one immediately sees results."
Albert Einstein 


When my daughter was three years old I searched for a rocking horse to give her for Christmas.  I could only find ones that were plastic, poorly constructed or made of questionable materials, so I decided to design my own.  That was the beginning of my desire to create high quality, nontoxic toys made from sustainable wood.


I designed my first rocking horse over 35 years ago for my young daughter.  Our grandson is now enjoying that same rocking horse.  My toys are truly heirlooms, made for your children’s children.


Until I retired recently, I made the toys in my spare time.  Now I am lucky enough to be able to pursue my passion on a full-time basis.


The personal integrity or the hallmark of my products is that they are all made by hand, and all made by me.


I hope you enjoy your toys for years to come.


Buz Brown,


This is the toy
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